October 22, 2014

My sister literally fucking hates me J swear and I don’t understand it..

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Me: *loses contact with ppl gets behind work & hates self* this is fine

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October 21, 2014

I haven’t had a period since coming off my pill about a month ago???
Starting to worry I’ll be infertile forever now, body please stop doing this??

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“ Oh I loved you. I really fucking loved you. And now I’m here and you’re there and I have this emptiness inside me and I miss you. It hurts to hear your name. It hurts to be in the same fucking city as you. ”

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i feel like there’s a difference between what i actually look like and what i pretend i look like in my head

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“ I’m horrified because I know that even if I tell you everything that has been torturing me all this time, all you are going to do is walk away because it has turned out to be more overwhelming than we can handle- and I’ll be left here miserable till the end of my own infinity. ”

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